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Meet the Yogi Grow Team

The Yogi Grow team is the American arm of an Indian corporate group known as the Nisarga Biotech Group. All of our corporate officers own shares in the company. YogiGrow is both owned and operated by; herbalists, scientists, farmers, engineers, as well as a disabled combat veteran of the US Army. YogiGrow is focused on bringing a powerful new idea to the world, one that embraces the wisdom of ancient Ayurveda as well as the vision of ultra-modern technology.


Our mission is to give the world hope, to combat the ravages of the current environment and the pressures of modern life through the use of plants. YogiGrow aims to do this by utilizing plants in a wise and traditional sense in conjunction with modern technological advances. Making Ayurveda and the herbal traditions of India more available to the US and western medicine is one way that YogiGrow is furthering this mission.

Jason Edwards
President & CEO

Jason has nearly 20 years of experience in the natural product industry and has held virtually every sales position possible. He worked with some of the biggest names in the natural and organic market, such as New Chapter Organics, Barlean's Organic Oils, Penta water, Gaia Herbs, and Organix South to name a few. Jason spent 10 years in the US Army, the experience and training in leadership during that time has served him well as he progressed through the ranks in the Natural Product Industry.


During his military service he became familiar with warehousing and supply procedures, both in garrison and in the field during combat. This has given him a keen insight into the operational side of the industry as well as a unique view of what is possible no matter how difficult the challenge. He was honorably discharged from the Army for a service related disability which led him to the natural product industry in the mid-nineties.


Jason is a shareholder and employee of the company and has committed to building the infrastructure in both the sales and operational systems needed to support and maintain rapid growth. He is an expert in natural product sales and marketing.

Jalindar Shinde
Board Member

Jalindar an Engineer by profession worked abroad as well as in India on mass projects. Jalindar is associated with Agricultural from his child hood and a founder and director of Nisarga Biotech Group companies, all are working in natural products such as organic agro inputs, natural extracts and Ayurvedic healthcare products, since last 23 years.


Jalindar has a total experience of 35 year in various fields and has cofounded several companies under Nisarga Umbrella, which are running successfully. He is heading all production and operations activities last 23 years in the group companies.


Jalindar is also associated with supercritical CO2 extraction plants since beginning and has a thorough knowledge of designing, constructing, erecting & operating extraction plants. 


Jalindar is passionate about organic & sustainable agriculture and has played a vital role in initiating, planning & executing organic farming projects run by Nisarga group.

Girish Soman
Board Chairman

Girish graduated with a Master of Technology in 1983 and quickly gravitated to the field of agriculture. Mr. Soman has over 32 years of experience in botanical extraction and agriculture, and is a Founder, the board chairman and CEO of the Nisarga Biotech Group (a group of companies all working in the field of natural products) as well as sitting as the board chairman for NuAxon Bioscience. He has created not less than 6 successful companies in the botanical industry and continues to lead those companies in profitable enterprises.


Girish was introduced to the field of CO2 extraction about 16 years ago and he immediately saw the market potential and after speaking with a manufacturer who was building the machines, he decided that he could design and build the equipment better and more cost efficiently.


For the last 15 years Girish has continuously improved the design and cost of his extraction equipment to speed up the process as well as improve the process at higher volumes. The end result has been super premium quality herbal extracts that are purchased by the largest and most successful companies in the US natural market. The Nisarga Biotech Group has the largest CO2 extraction facility in the entire agricultural industry of India.


He is the co-inventor and co-patent holder of the NuroLight herbal blend which has two US patents and several international patents on both the process and the benefit of the blend. His technical expertise and business acumen have made him the head of several multimillion dollar enterprises in India. He is an expert in plant extraction and equipment design.

Deven Soman
Board Member

Deven is an expert in international commerce and has experience in the natural product industry.  He has worked for huge US companies like Nutraceutical Corporation and has experience with start-ups as well.


He works tirelessly to insure that product quality is maintained and that international operating systems are in place to make for a smooth and flawless customer experience. 

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